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Madelynn Lewis Family
Friday, May 15, 2015
Madelynn Lewis Family

 OMG!!!! Have you ever seen a more beautiful family? !! If you look real close you will find a mother in there, yes a mother! This family looks good and brings it every time. I love repeat clients and we had a ball Downtown as they shared moments and they talked about how everyone is growing up and leaving the nest. It is always a pleasure to work with people with so much personality and that are showstoppers. It was almost impossible to get all our pictures as people kept stopping us wondering who they were. Ms. Madelynn are you keeping something from us? What show do you star on? Cant’s wait to work with them again and lady you need to let me borrow those heels! Lol  

Taylor and Pedro
Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Madelynn Lewis Family


Little Tommie
Sunday, March 30, 2014
Madelynn Lewis Family

 My Extended Family Ok So I have done the engagement, the bridal, the wedding, the maternity, etc..... So it was no question that this little man was going to meet my Canon Camera. He had the most beautiful bright eyes I have ever seen on a baby. We started out outside but Little Tommie said no maam. LOL. So he invited me over to his home and we had a lovely shoot in his room. :) Check out his lovely shoot featuring his mom. LOL. Hi Mrs. Rhonda!!!  

80% Chance of Rain
Saturday, March 15, 2014
Madelynn Lewis Family

Soooo..... we have been praying all week that the biopolar state we call Texas didnt want to cry on us this Saturday morning. And we got our wish!!!! This is Part One of this awesome couple engagement shoot. Part Two coming up later this week. Hopefully we can get some sun! Either way this couple will light up the photo reguardless if we get sun or not. Both of these two were smiles and laughter the whole shoot. Tried to do serious for one second but would burst out in a laugh. LOL. LOVE IT!!!! We are very excited to be joining them on their wedding day the November.   

Had a BLAST!!!!
Saturday, March 08, 2014
Madelynn Lewis Family

Glad it didnt rain because I had a blast today with these two!!! Engagement shoots like these warms my heart. She was just smiling and blushing like crazy. Made me want to go over to Bruce and give him a kiss to feel the same way. :) They are getting married in October and today was their engagement shoot. I have been waiting to do their shoot because with includeda special way to let their friends know about their engagement. AND THEY WENT ALL OUT!!!! This shoot had zombies, weapons and all of attitude!!! Zombie pictures will be coming later but here is a sneak peak of the beginning of the shoot.