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My Printing Company for Life!!
Wednesday, January 08, 2014

During my most busiest time of the year, Yes Holiday season. You wouldn't think labs would have sales. Well yes they would but not on the items you need for the holiday season. Well Nations Photo Lab is an exception because they have this AWESOME sale on prints. Their prices are already affordable so having a sale just blew me away. I must have brought a ton. Even extras for my clients. They were happy and was like you are sure in the Christmas spirit. :) These guys are the real deal when it comes to prints. Their customer service and quality of products are rated above a 10 in my opinion. They also had a facebook sale 30% off. So I decided to try out their canvas and OMG!!!! The results are just amazing. When I received my canvas print from Nations Photo lab. It's so big and beautiful. The canvas was stunning. The colors were perfect. The print quality was absolutely amazing. The canvas wrap was top-notch. You can tell there was passion behind this product.  There are a lot of different companies that print on canvas, but none come close to Nations Photo Lab. From customer service to print quality, they are surely unmatched. Each time I unbox an order from Nations Photo Lab, they make me say "OMG"  I can't describe how I feel.